Unconditional Love :|

Longtime dah zaa xupdate blog tok,maklumlah SPM is just around the corner..busy with study lerr.Fyi,i now struggling to get my selection subject,Biology at least credits.This morning ichecked my paper1 with my friend,Emilia because she got the answer scheme.I got 30 out of 50. Oh i am so glad :D i never had that such nice marks before.But zaa xleh yakin dlok 100% an jawapan ea.Better tggu cikgu berik balit the papers and we will see ^_^
Okeh let's get back to the real topic here.In facebook,zaa suka seseorank tok..namanya SH* xleh padah laah.I really like her attitude and style since I add her ^_^ but the bad news is that she seems avoiding me since she knew that i adore her. Ohmy -.- i am really sad because until now,there is no answer from her whether she feel the same or not. Oh god,please lend me a hand.huhuhu :D i really like her from the bottom of my heart <3 awwwww! xpala mun nya xsuka,ea hak nya bah.i just express what i feel inside me :D thats all. ILOVEU SH* <3