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(Mine and always mine)
Meet her Babarra Mitchel McRoy Rogis. My wife.Zaa kenal nya before zaa kenal "M" but "M" betrayed and hurt me so much. At first,zaa menkan psaan nya tok and she hates me alot that time.Za ng asa besalah ehh ntam ea -.- bepuluh kalik zaa mtk maaf an nya but she refused and she continuously mock me. Ohmgsh,ng sa bslah nya zaa eh mlh ny pea dlok.But now thx to AllahSWT,our love returned back in favor. Sulu syg lalink glak2 tauk x? Never gonna leave u behind alone lalink! NEVER! Who mess with her,deal with me scumbag! She's understanding and care about me. It taken so long since I broke with "L" to find a caring,honest and loving person. I learn to live with you lalink! even you are hot-tempered person.fyi,i like jus the way you are. mmuahhh ! nobody can take her away from me.