About Her :)

Cheers (:
Assalamualaikum bloggers (: before that,apek mk ucap Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malyasia yang ke-54. kepada seluruh warga Malaysia *cdak tok jak lah,boh mayuh2.hahaha :D lak2 apek engkah pic2 raya,papa saia maseh edit -.-

Okeh back to the point,title atas? Sebenanya apek ada sorank kawan perempuan and I really fell in love /w her bhaa :) but the bad news is that she seems not attaracted to me :( hmm so sad.Of course we start a conversation in FB.ada la juak ny mdh ny pun suka apek but ny mk concentrate on SPM lok bab mk ubah hidup nya :') this one made me proud of her *very2 proud,tapi how about my love N? Hmm I can wait for you but I don't want my long-time waiting ends in tears and suffer :'/ I don't want that kind of situation syg ! Hope everybody understand,I know many people in this mother earth always hold to 'If you love someone you will do anything for them' quotes. Hmmm but I ask you,will you do anything for them and at the very end they make you suffer and sad?

Xmk nak? pea lah apek ctok.if you love me,tell so.If you do not love me speak it loud :') Fyi, I really love you and I really hoping you will call me "Biy" not only for yesterday but for a long period alongside me syg !  I promise from the bottom of my heart I would never let you down syg ! Please give me some space to fill in your heart and let me touch your heart :') I promise to you <3 Hmm I think I'll end my entry until this line. Before that hope the person I mentioned in this entry read it and understand it. Syg,if you done reading this,pleaes inbox me :')

Love&Cheers,Rezaa ^^