Finding Love :)

"301011" my sorrow day :') i can't take her back,God. i'm in sick mood now,God. her answer was very poisonous and it's hurting me inside. the fact that why it's so hard to forget her is she fulfill my dream girl. she was the best and the most caring girl that God gave to me. i'm such a liar and pathetic,God :') i know i made a lot of mistakes toward her. hmm i'm sorry that i can't be a perfect man to be stand beside her and accompany her every minutes and every seconds. i still remembered 5 words that she always said to me:
-Your'e welcome
-Morning dear
-Goodnight dear
-Darling xkan tinggal kan nya
-Hor dear hor
See? those words i will never forget syg. but now i try to forget you and keep going on with my life :') but i will never forget who you are towards me and never forget our memories together. okeh let's go to the brighter side now,i'm searching for a true love today.It's hard though :') but i keep trying. 'ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY' right? haha! L0L XD. just keep on trying Rezza. i know i can do it. with my true friends beside me,i'm sure i can find one.
Credits To Them:
Sara :)

Natalia :)


These three person always accompany me anytime :) They are my truly FACEBOOK FRIENDS :) Ilove you guys <3 don't ever leave me behind k guys? Anything you guys did to me,i really appreciate it so much! Thanks for being my true and honest friend :)