Hmm hye blogger,today I am really sad and frustrated. After I broke up with her,I try to start a new love.But,hmm love seems hate to see me Happy and Grateful. Early this evening I expressed my feelings toward a girl "P" . I told her that I like her but not as a friend ,as a special one . But her answer rattled and arrowed my heart so hurt until I cried. Hmm it all went wrong right love? Why would you do this to me? Hmm since when I will become like this? It's hard for me to become someone and to be love by someone. I know indeed I'm just a trash.  Oh god,I'm crying :'D because of her. You all knew right? If we love someone but that someone cannot accept us,it's really hurt inside and cut oustide. Ohhmyy :'( should I wait for her? What if she is very happy with him? I guessed she is happy with him and I cannot be the intruder and the third person in this case.
Okeh I've made up my mind. I'll wait for her sooner or later. Love needs sacrifice right? So I sacrifice for it. But if I suffer,I will end it..hmm what a day I've had today :') all went wrong..Please GOD show me some HONEST LOVE for to take :') please regard all my saying . I really need LOVE and I really need ONE MORE WING TO SUPPORT ME TO FLY HIGH ABOVE. Hmmm wahaii rezaa,ea lha balasan TUHAN kat kau yg suka menkan prasaan orang dolok. But now I'm different,please give chance. I've tried to change myself so please support me friends ??

Btw: I'm starting to love you "P"