acuhh :D

Ngeeee !
Hye there readers :D sorry for been too busy last couple of weeks :D making new different facebook acc. and many more things :) miss me? i know u do? new story? yup. i will start a new life but with old friends .haha get it? people nowadays can be two in one package.get it? in front of us,they are very kind and pleasant,but in behind us,omgsh -.- full of shit ! haha. actually nobody need that kind of friend. just making troubles :D anyways,thanks for those who always stand behind me,appreciate i got my new name :D *apekk :D

Why? dunno aar.actually earlier in the morning,i've been thinking what should be my name in i make up my decision and change it to 'apek Rezaa. haha seriously many comment to me that the name was nice :D same goes to me,i think that name was nice to be display and to be hear. anyways,my DSLR been sold out.ouhmann :( but my dady promise to buy the new NikonD5100:
really nice rite? can flip in every directions :D haha hope u fullfill ur promise dad :) ngeeee ! believe it or not,this camera is 16.2 megapixel with DX-Format CMOS Sensor. omg so high the resolution. ngeee hope i can own it dad? haha on the other hand, LOVE? wakaka ! :D idunno comment. ireally wanna find a true loving girl :/ that can understand me tightly,real tight >.< shorter than me :D hahaha *evil laugh mine is 165cm. below 165cm please? ngeee ! haha puteh2.tutup aurat.cute :D haha cerewet ! lovelovelovelove ! insyaAllah someone will change it.
haha *tell me you love me? *pa kh.haha tga lah lak cpa nk sangkut kt hati apek ini :D xmao cakap byk3 ehh.muli kaka sal cinta jak? okeh KAWAN entah lh kwn nektok byk muncul depan batang idonk ta time ta senang jak.mun time susah,puii >.< taek idonk pun xtetanga :D pea lha kwn tek.ehem2 da juak kwn lmak rah fb,ukan pndey nk nego nk btyk kabar, *lelak jari ku ngeadd nuan ! lelak ngiga nama nuan ba fb.bangkai d ! haha klaka iban ckit. anyways friends are just like balloon.if we take good care of it,it will not burst,but if we being unresponsible to it,it will burst and fly 'way like Rocka'teer :D k la smpey ctok lok.