She'sMyOnlyOne :)

NeverBeReplace :)
Tok la idup zaa smpey bla2. I will never stop from loving her. Xpuas ati? buck off ! Idon care :D xlalek la takorank xpuas ati ka apa. Shes mine ! Cinta senang carik tapi mpuan kdak tk senang ka dpt? nono. sorry wei ! ssah carik mpuan kdak tk zaman skrg. mpuan zaman tk banyak nk pelek2 eh -.- kdak alien. haha :D ilovehersomuch ! more than she knows. imisshersomuch ! more than she expect. icarebouthersomuch! more than she realized. so if anyone or anything *Ghost or Devils that want to break our relationships, deal with me :D understand idiot? 

ToBoys: Dont too desperate eh :P there's alot of chicks out there :P dont disturb mine ok ? if u dont have a girlfriend,ask me :D i can recommend to u BIATCH ! :D haha...lalalala.. arrogant? protective? selfish? my own business DumbAss! not your own problems :D no matter what eh,ilove my wife more than u guys know :P ahha ! not satisfied? deal with me then. SIMPLE|EASY :)