PeepS :)

Im not fed up or nothing with this girl eventhough today March26 2011 she make me crazy and gone mad. i called her for bout thousand times. and i started to loose my we fought and fought  that almost ate me up :) she went for a photoshooting from two in the evening until six somthing without even say very worried and post sumthing onFB. i asked Dila,her sister about her,what she doin rite now? etc. and blablablabla. and then she texted me and say something. i called her and mad at her and even expressed my feelings towards her showing that i am very not interested in the new of her. i want the old one please? but after that,we were gettin' better after she realized her mistakes.and we hang up on the phone and she requested an apology.i forgave her and she promised that she will be the old Layla that i wished for.nomatter what dear i will always loveu until the end of life :) i promise u that. may Allah SWT bless our relationship. amin.


The three person above i am very sorry i've being rude to u guys :') i cannot control my emotion and feelings. Because early that evening i was very worried about Layla . I called her about twenty-times but she didn't pickup,so i am frustrated :'( i am very sorry . i don't have intention to be so rude to u guys. u may ask favour me if u want to.insya-Allah i grant ur favour.


This person above accompanied me while i was sad that evening.thanks alot sys.appreciate it sys :) BFF :) one day i will reply ur kindness :) surely. thanks one more AngelinaMujan my lovely sys of all :) wish u always happy and GBU !