29/01/11 - 30/01/11

waa im so happy today :) keluar nye zaa ari perut mama :D akaii.zaa asa happy glak.pagi tek celeb kt Tekam Cafe'..credits to them.thx alot. okeh the 1st one who wish me was my lovely wife NurZuridaLaila.awww thx hney.iloveusomuch !! much2 more !! never end our LOVE :) akaii..the second was my lovely sister RizqHerinzaSyadza..aww thx sis :D i appreciate it somuch !..the longest greeting also from my lovely wife 

NurZuridaLaila:This Picture Is Only For Mohd. Faridh Rezza ♥ ♥

On 29/1, I would like to WISH my ABIE a Happy 17th Birthday ♥ ♥ Even though I can't give any present to him atleast I can give him this picture :)

Even though this picture have no value than other present, I still want to give him something :)

Maybe other people with give him some fancy gift and seeing my present are low because I can't go out buying thing that are SPECIALLY for him :'( But I just want him to know that I will always be the first one to say Happy Birthday to him ♥

Make A Wish Before Blowing Your Candle :)

Biar Allah Tunaikan Permintaan Abie ♥

♥ I love you, Abie ♥
♥ I heart you ♥
♥ I miss you ♥
♥ I always think of you ♥

p/s :: Sorry mun present hny tok xs'brapa >_<

The Second one was from Jaaja Checkaboom:
~ happy bday rezaa . akai . akai . haha . soe late wishh . bzz noww . haha . keja ba . lelah pa indah . anyway , moga umur pjg . tambah kacak . aa . sigek gk . JAGA LAYLA BNA2 . xmok ngga tak keciwa2 gk bunyi hoo ! ^^ syg xda telor k tikam tek . pjg ucapan tok . haha . blaja bna2 k spm lak . so , pat keja bgs dh besa . cayok2 ! moga ... tak pat semua A spm lak . moga tak sihat saluu , happy salu . mun dah dewasa lak , boh lupak kmk oi . mun dh nikah , jemput kmk oii . lak kmk agak . jgn lupak kmk . mun da pa2 prob ka . just cerita jk an mek . jgn malu . sahabat selamanyaaa Enhanced by Smiley Central HAPPY BIRTHDAY REZA dah tua . yerrr . haha

aww.thx u all :D akaii best da jak ptok mun  tiap ari eh :D
awww :) aritok dh masok3 bulan zaa an wife zaa.awww iloveu honey.hope our marriage will last long..akaii :) for the rest of my life,ill be with u,ill stay by ur side,honest and true,till the of my time..ill be loving u..umm i pray 4 us honey,hoping us will last together until my last breath :D..ineedu in my life..ur my Oxygen :').. umm iwant to be wifu♥ for the rest of my life honey :') please be with me while im still alive.....i promise:
please honey,anything 4 u as long as u stay with me now and forever in my life :D no matter waht happens,i always love the girl with her beautiful eyes,charming voice,cute face-NurZuridaLaila..iloveu honey,iheartu honey,imissu honey :') please let me love u until i die :) i will always remember u every second and every heartbeat honey.trust me i wont cheat u here :') ionly have u in my heart...my heart just only fit for u :')
MohdFaridhRezza NurZuridaLaila