meet her.she is mine !

Here she jantonk soul.waaa byk da jak.hehe smpat uak update blog tyme sakit2 ptok.knl x cpa lam gmba ats ea? ea lh buah ati zaa.nm nya layla.nya tok susah la nk pdh.kira bruntonk lah zaa oleh nya.bruntonk glak2.shes my PERFECTIONIST :) awwww iloveu dear -_- u will never be replace eh.susah mok lupaq kn hney.iloveusomuch lah.snang crita.
Start fell in love wif her when i broke up with my ex.and then zaa tnmpak fb Layla kt wall Eda.zaa trus add knal ny ngn beh rpat.when i became friend wif her, honestly shes KIND|CARING|NO ARROGANT|SO ATTRACTIVE. but something hurts me.ny dh da grek,Hisham.duli zaa? iwanna be friend wif her bahh.
zaa da lha mdh "MESTI BF KTK CARING SAL KTK OWW?". hehe zaa sngaja mdh pea k mtk simpati nya. and suddenly she answered "CARING?? HAHA XPNAH GEREK MEK CARE SAL KMK.DLM MSA SBULAN TOK NANG XNGAM MEK DUAK".when she said like that,nang besa bna pluang zaa mk knl dgn beh rapat an Layla.
ada la zaa desak Layla supaya nya trimaq cinta zaa.but she refused until the 3oth of October 2010 at 10.05pm her heart opened for my Love.i was so spechless.omgsh -_- was this a dream? Layla accept my love at last after 2 weeks more  waiting for reply.thx and bless for Allah SWT for giving me a chance to love this perfect heart girl.
i wont let u down hney.not matter big or heavy the problem,we always be together internally.look,u chnged me alot.u welcomed me back to the LOVE world.u tought me bout caring,loving and honesty.u chnged me alot dear,honestly i cannot accept other girls than u.
iloveu until i die SYGG !