Meet her,NurZuridaLaila.I officially taken by her ON 30/10/10 TIMED 10.05PM.awww so sweet bah.I alreday waited 4 this moment to come nearly 5weeks. Huhu now I have her and I dunwan to loose her.ILove her so much.bie xmk ayg plh bie kdak orank len dh plh kt bie yang.its very hard to win ur heart.its hard to find a girl likeu exist in this world.maybe im lucky ? maybe Allah gave me chances to loveu.bie syg ayg.igt janji ta k ? bie janji akn jga ayg and bie janji akn mlh ayg heppy slalul.heeee Iloveu Layla ! from the bottom of my heart.never be replce NurZuridaLaila.i promise u.